Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Pt.2

We continued our stay in Ho Chi Minh at a serviced apartment towards the south side of District 1 by agreeing to a 3 week stay. Our host Henry showed us a nice, small apartment down one of the many side streets in the city. Apartment might be a strong word for it – it’s really just a large bedroom with a bathroom. For anyone looking to rent in Ho Chi Minh I’d recommend checking out a few places first, either via a local agent or Airbnb. We liked the location of this apartment and at approx $400USD per month it’s a cheap way to stay here. Included with the room is a cleaner every week and laundry service.

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Manila, Philippines

Thrilla in Manila! Well, our trip was not quite a “thrilla”, more of an enjoyable visit. Sadly showing my age by making a reference to the big fight between Ali and Frazier in 1975 although in my defense I hadn’t been born yet. However, when referencing Manila, it was always the first thing that came to mind – up until this visit at least.¬†Continue Reading