Top Gear Special, Vietnam – Pt.1

I don’t necessarily believe in fate. After a week’s road trip, top gear style, through some of the remote parts of Vietnam, I might have to!

In my first post on Vietnam, at our arrival in Ho Chi Minh city, I explained that my justification for visiting this country was entirely based on a 1-hour BBC entertainment show produced eight years prior to our visit – Top Gear. The show’s presenters, Clarkson, Hammond, and May, made the trip through Vietnam on scooters, much to my delight. Aside from the comedy of three middle-aged men, in loud coloured suits, on scooters trying to traverse the roads of Vietnam I was moved by the scenery of this country and the thought of a road trip in, what was, such a remote location. I even made Lou watch the Top Gear special so she could appreciate the very British combination of banter and road trips.

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