Why I Blog

Why I Blog

It sounds very cliche but it’s ever so obvious that we live in a very connected world. The beauty of this is that friends, family and colleagues can connect across any time zone in many ways. Sadly the downside is that many of our social media interactions have become hasty and insignificant. My decision to blog is quite selfish in the sense that I want to communicate on my own terms in a format that my family and friends can take time to read and enjoy. And if they don’t that’s fine, they can still link to my Facebook or Instagram feeds for the abbreviated version. I hope my blog becomes more of a journal as I travel the world.

I would also like my friends to contribute to the site so that they can build journals for their friends and family. Many of my friends are travelers and expats who have a great deal to contribute from their adventures around the world, from great experiences to bad experiences to┬átheir insight and thoughts along the way. Hence the site name ‘Journeys Blog’. If you want to contribute please get in touch with me.

The photo credit for this page goes to my girlfriend Lou who took this off our Bondi balcony during a huge storm that we enjoyed with one of our housemates, Zach, before leaving Sydney. The storm was like nothing I had previously experienced, no rain, no wind and no thunder strikes – it was peaceful. The sky was illuminated with multiple forks of lightning that struck with consistency over a two hour period that evening

Recently I took the decision to give up many of the securities we view as essential – apartment lease, regular job etc to attempt to travel for a few months with my girlfriend. Even more recently we made the decision to extend our travel for an infinite time to truly try and capture the remote lifestyle – that’s both daunting and very exciting. I have visions of myself in a temple in Nepal learning martial arts like Bruce Wayne and flying into remote tropical islands on small wing prop planes. The reality was a 7hr delayed AirAsia flight with my knees around my ears and Batman dubbed in Mandarin on a screen so small I can’t even see who’s on screen. Although I did end up on the remote tropical island.

The additional free time has allowed me the opportunity to write more and, with encouragement from the better half, publish this online for my friends and family. I am really enjoying writing and I hope to improve my writing skills through practice and the inspiration formed from traveling.

If you have any feedback, thoughts or advice about any of my articles please take a moment and provide a comment. If you have traveled to the same location and can make a recommendation please do it. If you want to visit somewhere that we have been and you want to know more specifics then please ask, I’m happy to respond and help where I can. Contact me anytime┬áby clicking here.